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More than 20 years of small wind turbine design and innovation.

Performance. Reliability. Safety. Control.

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Generating Better Value With Small Wind Turbines For Homes.

At Gaia-Wind we are committed to optimising performance, safety and reliability. Our turbines really do generate better value for you.  The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine is the best performing wind turbine in its class by a significant margin.


Generating better value with Gaia-Wind small wind turbines

The bigger the rotor, the more wind it captures and therefore the more energy it generates. The area where the rotor collects wind is known as the swept area, or the collector area. The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine has a swept area of 133m2, compared to our nearest competitor with 63.6 m2. When we designed our turbine, we made a commitment to continually improve  performance and reliability for our customers, which is why we generate better value than any other small wind turbine in the world.

Another important factor that can enhance performance is the height of the turbine. The higher the turbine is off the ground, the better the performance. The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine operates on an 18m tower, 3m taller than our nearest competitor. This small difference in height results in a 10% improvement in wind energy. In fact, in recent tests conducted by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW wind turbine outperformed its closest rival by a factor of more than 2 to 1, even more evidence that Gaia-Wind generates better value than any other small wind turbine.

More than 20 years of wind turbine design and innovation

Generating better value is not only about performance. By choosing a Gaia-Wind small wind turbine, you are investing in a 10 year record of reliability and over 20 years of Danish design experience. Denmark are leaders in wind technology, and the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine is the only small wind turbine to have achieved the Danish HB Standards, which certify compliance with rigorous quality, safety and performance requirements.

Gaia-Wind small wind turbines also incorporate many of the safety features found on large utility-scale wind turbine farms. Our wind turbine is protected against high wind speeds by a number of safety features: passive stall control; mechanical brake activation; and deployment of centrifugally activated tip brakes. All of these measures ensure that should the wind reach speeds of over 56mph, the rotor will automatically ‘park’ itself to avoid damage to the turbine. These market leading features ensure the longevity of your turbine, and our certified design quality means that repair costs are kept to a minimum.

Our Small Wind Turbine Generators are Optimised for Moderate Wind Speed Sites

The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine has been designed to operate in environments with moderate wind, and is ideal for conditions found around mainland UK and Ireland. When considering a small wind turbine, the wind speed in your area is of crucial importance.

Benefit from a Gaia-Wind small wind turbine today by calling +44 (0) 845 871 4242 or by emailing us for more information or to speak to a representative.

Gaia-Wind 133 turbine

  • High energy yield
  • Feed in tariff eligible
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • Clean energy

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Better value small wind turbines

Gaia-Wind small wind turbines really do generate better value for you. The Gaia-Wind 133 turbine is the best performing small wind turbine in its class by a significant margin.

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Generate additional income from tariffs and incentives

Tariffs and incentives vary the world over. The UK Government operate a Feed in Tariff of 26.7p per kWhr while in the USA rebates and incentives are developed locally and vary in nature.

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