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More than 20 years of small wind turbine design and innovation.

Performance. Reliability. Safety. Control.

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Small wind turbines for domestic and commercial customers

The Gaia-Wind 133 turbines are designed to operate in low to moderate wind speed areas and are ideal as wind turbines for farms, rural properties, commercial businesses, and community projects.

Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.


Small wind turbines for farms, homes and businesses

Farm wind turbines

Working farms are perfect sites to accommodate a Gaia-Wind small wind turbine. The electricity produced can be used to power your farm business helping reduce your energy bills and operational costs. Excess electricity can also be sold back to your utility company helping generate an additional business income.

Home wind turbines for rural properties

Our small wind turbines provide a source of sustainable energy for home owners. Large wind turbines such as you see around the countryside are designed for large scale energy production, however the smaller Gaia-Wind 133 wind turbine can be effectively used to power large rural houses. The slim line design and reflection-free blades mean that you don’t have to compromise your countryside view to switch to renewable energy.

Wind turbines for commercial businesses and light industry

Reduce your carbon footprint and make your business energy efficient with a small wind turbine. Installing is an ideal way to reduce energy costs and to control your operational costs. The Gaia-Wind 133 turbine has been designed to generate better value than other turbines in areas with low to moderate wind speeds, so you don’t need to be situated in a high wind area to take advantage of the benefits of wind power.

Community wind turbines

Public sector organisations or community projects interested can make sustainable energy a reality with the help of a Gaia-Wind small wind turbine. The energy produced can improve energy independence, offer benefits in the reduction of public amenity costs, reduce the community's carbon footprint, and even offer a community income (where Government incentives are available).

Benefit from a Gaia-Wind small wind turbine. Call us today on  +44 (0) 845 871 4242 or contact us for more information.

Gaia-Wind 133 turbine

  • High energy yield
  • Feed in tariff eligible
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • Clean energy

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Better value small wind turbines

Gaia-Wind small wind turbines really do generate better value for you. The Gaia-Wind 133 turbine is the best performing small wind turbine in its class by a significant margin.

Take a look for yourself


Make sense of turbine comparisons

Comparing small wind turbines can be tricky without an understanding of exactly what affects the amount of energy they produce. This short guide explains a few important differences.

Read why Gaia-Wind comes out on top


Generate additional income from tariffs and incentives

Tariffs and incentives vary the world over. The UK Government operate a Feed in Tariff of 26.7p per kWhr while in the USA rebates and incentives are developed locally and vary in nature.

Generate more income with Gaia-Wind