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Moderate wind speed areas for small wind turbines UK

The overwhelming majority of wind speed sites in the UK are “moderate wind” which means wind speeds of approximately 4.5-7.5 m/s or 10-17 mph.

The Gaia-Wind 133 wind turbine is specifically designed for use in moderate wind speed areas and generates better value than many of its competitors in these conditions.


Understanding Wind Speeds

Here is a guide to areas of moderate wind speed and the estimated output from a small wind turbine, compared to the average family, which consumes around 3,300kWh per year:

  • Areas with wind speeds of 4.5m/s, such as villages, small towns, woods and agricultural areas with many high hedges would expect to see wind speeds of around 4.5 m/s, producing 19,000kWh per year
  • Agricultural areas with some windbreaks and buildings would expect to see wind speeds of around 5.5 m/s, generating 30,000kWh per year
  • Open landscape with few buildings and no windbreak would expect to see wind speeds of around 6.5 m/s, producing 40,000kWh per year

Calculating the Wind Speed in Your Area

In the UK wind speed can vary and is dependant on a number of variables. The clearest way to estimate the wind speed at your site is to find the annual mean wind speed (AMWA). This is an indication of how much wind is available and in the UK that figure could be as low as 4 m/s to around 9 m/s. The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) provide a Government funded database which gives an estimate of annual mean wind speeds in m/s (for each 1km square of the UK for heights over 10m). Visit their website to check the wind speed in your area.

UK Wind Speed Map


Contact us or call  +44 (0) 845 871 4242 for a free estimate of what wind speed your site could generate.  

Gaia-Wind 133 turbine

  • High energy yield
  • Feed in tariff eligible
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • Clean energy

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Better value small wind turbines

Gaia-Wind small wind turbines really do generate better value for you. The Gaia-Wind 133 turbine is the best performing small wind turbine in its class by a significant margin.

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Comparing small wind turbines can be tricky without an understanding of exactly what affects the amount of energy they produce. This short guide explains a few important differences.

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Generate additional income from tariffs and incentives

Tariffs and incentives vary the world over. The UK Government operate a Feed in Tariff of 26.7p per kWhr while in the USA rebates and incentives are developed locally and vary in nature.

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